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Creative Destinations Europe’s inception as an incoming tour operator in the United Kingdom, led to the opening of its American office in 1994.  Since that date we have consistently operated meticulously planned tours throughout Europe widening our portfolio each year. 

Our busy group department handles tour activities for parties of all sizes, from 10 or more, using smaller more intimate vehicles and large motor coaches from 16 to 51 seats, throughout the United Kingdom and central Europe, all modern specifications with professional drivers.

Why travel as part of a group?

We find that group members enjoy the familiarity of a voyage with people they may already know, who share a common interest.  Your days are organized with the help of a friendly, informative tour manager, who guides you through the maze of new cities, news hotels, new currencies, making it a relaxing experience.

What type of group should we join?

We find many of our clients belong to a church or a club, or a trade association which decides to take its members to a new destinations, seeking culture, new experiences, and sometime spiritual guidance.  Our group leaders bring these tours together – so why not consider your own tour or ask us to refer you to one of our group leaders.

Please ask us to plan your trip, whether by motor coach, rail, or on foot, on one of our guided walks! 

E mail contact us link: patrick@creativedestinationseurope.com

Our prices are always quoted net in US dollars.