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How To Book


Thank you for choosing Creative Destinations Europe to arrange your travel requirements.

It is important that you take time to read our booking conditions as you will be asked on the check-out page if you have read and understood our booking conditions.  


The sightseeing section offers you over 500 tours to choose and they are featured in several categories, regular tours, private tours, evening tours etc.  Select the sightseeing button at the top of the page.   Please note that some cities shown are docks (ports), so if you are looking for a shore excursion look for the dock, for example Barcelona Docks.  Please click Email and we will call you back to discuss your request. 


Please select the transfer button followed by selecting the country, city and location type to where you wish to be transferred.  Once you start to input this information other fields will appear for completion which are self explanatory.  Please note that before you select a vehicle you will be asked to state the number of pieces of luggage which will accompany you.  The site has been designed to select the correct vehicle for the transfer.  For outgoing airport  transfers the site calculates the departure time from hotels.  For international flights we require clients to be at the airport three hours prior to flight departure, and for inter European flights we require clients to be at the airport two hours prior to flight departure.   Our experience shows these times are advisable.  Photos of cars shown are indicative of the type of vehicle used and do not offer a guarantee of a certain model.

Please see the video below should you have any problems.  




Confirmation, invoices and vouchers will be emailed to you immediately with the exception of sightseeing vouchers. These will be e mailed within forty eight hours.