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Admire the magical AERIAL PANORAMA of the cradle of Renaissance and learn the secrets of the Duomo from a different point of view.


An exclusive and neverseen before perspective: admire Florence panorama from Duomo’s 32 metres high TERRACES and climb up to the top of the Dome! Do not miss the chance to take a closer look at the incredible BRUNELLESCHI “CUPOLA”, a masterpiece of art and architecture that still remains unmatched and whose techniques of building are covered with a veil of mystery. An unmissable opportunity to visit this top attraction of Florence which is often fully booked due to its unparalleled beauty and allure. The first stage of this enlightening activity is a fascinating guided overview of amazing handcrafted replicas of the original tools used for the construction of the Cupola: you will be surprised by the modern techniques used by Brunelleschi himself to create one of the most ambitious architectural projects of all times. After this jump back into the past, follow our professional guides inside the immense wonders of the ancient Cathedral of Florence: avoid the queues with our exclusive pass and be impressed by the unique frescoes by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari, admire the magical colossal clock by Paolo Uccello and discover the beauty of the marble floor with its intricate patterns. Then, climb the Northern terrace of the Cathedral rooftop, a suggestive walk through narrow and openair corridors that have been closed to the public for centuries. The panorama from up there will take your breath away! We are giving you the chance to join an elite tour within art and history and to discover the hidden Duomo terraces: the majority of tourists (as well as Florentines!) do not even know that they were planned! The guided tour will end in the exclusive circular room (accessible only with our tour!) where you will have the opportunity to see the old statues which standed in the façade of the Duomo. In the room you can find the restorers at work with their spatulas and chisels still dirty and smelling of stucco. The surprises for you are not over yet: use your ticket to reach the top of the Cupola admiring up close the stunning Last Judgment frescoes, and finally enjoy an amazing 360° view from the top!

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Dates: 1st April - 31st October

Days of Week:  Daily except Sunday  
Departure Time:  2.30PM (1430) 

Main Departure Point:  Piazza San Giovanni 7 (Black Number), After Duomo Ticket Counter And Next To Buca San Giovanni Restaurant


Adults : $ 76.00